Screensaver issue after video card installation.


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Before I got my video card which is a HIS RadeonHD 4670 IceQ, I used a screensaver pack called Really Slick Screensavers (pretty epic 3D Really Slick - Indie game dev and classic 3D screensavers). They worked fine on my mobo's integrated graphics (which it claims is a radeon hd 4200), but they were pretty laggy so I was excited to see them at full speed when I got my new video card, but after the card was installed all I see is a black screen whenever I launch one of these screensavers. I think all my drivers are installed properly, windows update downloaded them as soon as I started my PC up with the card in.


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Sometimes the Windows drivers are somewhat generic. You could try the specific drivers from HIS Graphics Card web site.

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