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I have a lot of part numbers that are spread all over the network. I would like to know if there is a macro that I can use to copy and paste all these numbers and have the macro search for these numbers. Is this possible?


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Powershell could do that, but you would need to give more details to write a script. Are these files on server shares, how are the files named how do you know a file will have a part number, what kind of files are they stored in. Are all the part numbers formatted the same

These files are all on different network drives. They all have the basic same format.


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So something like this may work, you would need to tweak the server shares and pattern

# Define an array with the server shares to look ing
$server_shares = @("\\server1\share1","\\server2\share2")

# Local repository to collect the files into
$local_repo = "$env:USERNAME\Documents\Repo"

$pattern = "*FILENAME*.txt*"
$map_drive = ""

# Create the repo if it doesn't exist
If (-not (Test-Path -Path $local_repo))
    New-Item -Path $local_repo -ItemType Directory

# D - Z
# Find an unused drive letter
$char_index = 68..91
foreach($index in $char_index)
    $letter = [char]$index
    if (-not (Test-Path "$($letter):\"))
        $map_drive = "$($letter)"

# Connect to each share and find files to copy
foreach($server in $server_shares)
    $files = @()

    New-PSDrive -Name $letter -PSProvider FileSystem -Root $server
    $files += @((Get-ChildItem -Path "$($letter):\" -Filter $pattern -Recurse))

    foreach($file in $files)
        Copy-Item -Path $file.FullName -Destination $local_repo

    Start-Sleep -Seconds 2
    Remove-PSDrive $letter
    Start-Sleep -Seconds 2


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If the network you are describing is a Domain-based network such as Windows Server 2008, 2012, etc. you would need to have a Domain user login with proper rights to search all the shared drives on all the different servers on the networks as well as across different subnets and different physical locations. The only way you could be certain you were able to search all your mapped drive locations would be if you had an aliased user login with temporary Admin equivalent permissions for the Global domain. This is usually only available from the Domain admin or owner of the Global network (usually an IT manager or above).

Hope neemo's script works for you; looks pretty promising.


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Yup that is certainly correct BBJ. If the user runs the above script logged in as a domain user with proper access they should be ok.

If you do need to run this as a different user you can add the following to the above script. After defining the $server_shares add the line
$creds = (Get-Credentials) and append -Credentials $creds to the line
New-PSDrive -Name $letter -PSProvider FileSystem -Root $server -Credentials $creds

This will generate a pop-up asking for credentials and you can enter them as username: domain\domainuser and that users password

Thanks for all your help!

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