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A simple task is frustrating me in Windows 7. Somewhere in my hundreds of gigabytes of files is the one PowerPoint that I need. I am trying to search for it, but can't find where to specify file contents, directory location, date created, etc.. in my search.

In XP it was File -> Search, and then on the left was more options, including a drop-down menu with "Browse.." as an option. Where is the equivalent in 7?

Can't you just open My Computer and insert *.ppt into the search field? This should find all the Power Point files in your computer. I don't know how to specify (date, size etc.) the search though.
I was never happy with Microsoft search. I always install the freeware "Agent Ransack". Works also with Windows 7.
I even do it the lazy way
Connect the W7 drives as Network drives on an XP machine
Then let XP "classical" search find it.

I'm not a big fan of this "Library" pool etc -- I like to know where my stuff is on discrete Volumes as I regularly back up disk volumes with their data content.

If I start backing up "Libraries" I'm going to get data seriously out of sync "as sure as "eggs is eggs".

If something is not broken why fix it. BY all means add to the search facility but why hobble the old very easy search.

There's nothing wrong with a SIMPLE search -- I want all files called *.ppt that can be found in Volumes D,E,F (and their sub directories)
Try a 3rd party utility called Everything.

This is by far the fastest search ever.
Small installation file
Clean and simple user interface
Quick file indexing
Quick searching
Minimal resource usage
Share files with others easily
Real-time updating

You can download it here:
Everything Search Engine

The Everything FAQ can be viewed here:
Everything FAQ
Only says Vista, so I'm not sire if it works on 32-bit or 64-bit as I'm presently using my Vista machine.
Thanks guy
works fine on W7 X-64 and W2008 server (also on Windows XP 64) as I've got all 3 machines up currently.

I like looking at W2008 server as well as most of the code of W7 is build on W2008 server (or the other way around). Server code is usually far more robust than "domestic OS'es" and can handle networking, multi-tasking and file sharing far better than the typical home OS. (OK Games etc another issue but it was easy enough to turn Windows 2003 server into a "workstation OS" -- another topic though.

That's why Windows XP 64 was (and is) so good - although it didn't get out there into the public very much it (windows XP 64) was built on the basis of Windows server 2003 -- IMO together with Windows 2000 were the best OS'es ever built by microsoft.

(I'm actually investigating a possible W7 705X build :razz: but am not sure if it's genuine shhhh!!
If it does exist it is is likely to be the last "Complete" build before RC1 --any more builds will be "mini incremental internal " which may only get incorporated to fix last minute errors -- the RC1 Freeze should take place possibly next week according to gossip.

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Try a 3rd party utility called Everything.

This program is new for me. But I don't like it.
  • Cannot search file content
  • Uses a database
  • Must run to actualize the database
Agent Ransack:
  • Can also search file content (e.g. search for all *.doc files with text "Microsoft")
  • Is integrated in Windows Explorer right mouse click context menu
  • Starts only when used: Right mouse click on a drive or folder.
Sorry you don't like it, but it's the faster search engine I have ever seen before. It bring up all folder from my main hard drive, other partition, etc.

I'd suggest you look at the help file for different options.
I'm back to revisit this issue. The W7 search engine is making me grind my teeth. The search engine on this forum is better!

Let's say I want to find all the word documents in a folder.

~ I type *.doc in the search box and Microsoft Document Imaging Pops up....?
~ To get to the search screen, I need to do a failed search, and only then does a "See More Results" option appear.
~ I finally get to the search sceen, and very few criteria seem to be available. It all starts from the little box in the upper right of the screen.
~ I again type in "*.doc" and what pops up? Everything on my hard drive.. excel files, pdf files, etc..
~ I haven't even touched upon the difficulties when searching for content within files.
~ Oh my aching head..

Seriously, \|/TF?

Please forgive me for screaming, but


Am I missing something? I must be... this functionality was there in XP...
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