Windows 7 secondary master IDE HDD + slave IDE DVD-RW = problem?


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Jan 17, 2009
I tried to configure a PC with W7 like this:
c:\|d:\ SATAII HDD (two partitions)

I couldn't. Or could I? I did it but... albeit showing all the drives in the esplorer tree I couldn't explore the DVD I put in. But I could in the command prompt... The board is a Asus P5QL Pro and I couldn't find nothing to configure or check the IDE drives in it.

And before you ask me I did configure the jumpers in the IDE drives correctly. I tried with two different IDE HDDs to the same result.

And another thing. In the Administrative Tools Disk Management the IDE HDD was 0 and the sata was 1. I wanted it to be the other way round but once again found nothing to alter in the bios.


I figured what was wrong. As soon as I noticed that the DVD-RW alone in the channel didn't work properply either...
I had disabled the burning capacities on gpedit.msc... Enabling it again provided once again the abilty to explore the CDs/DVDs...
this is a bug, therefore
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