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Apr 30, 2016
Hello, i need help of a security restore software. I need the Name of this Software , in the taskbar right is a grey tray icon looks like an animal or so , pls i cant delet my password. The cyber cafe's use this software to restore the system
Hi! There is no where near the information provided in your thread for anyone to be able to help you with your issue.;)
The more information you can post, the better. I don't think there's supposed to be a gray animal in your tray!
Can you provide screen shots??
Sin título.png
Sin título.png
Sorry i have a sreenshot from this PC
Hi Thanks for the screen shot! You did well, but I have no idea what that is and there is a difference in our language!
Maybe others will reply latter! good job on the screen shot!!:up:
Thanks for the feed back! Welcome to the forum. If you have any more issues, please ask here on Windows Forums!
I'm glad you got your issue solved. Googled Deepfreeze. I'm not sure what it is?? A game or a anti-virus.
Only run one anti-virus on your PC. I recommend running Windows Defender if your running W10.
Deep Freeze is used to lockdown the state of the computer. When the computer is rebooted any changes will be reverted password changes included. You would need to open the deep freeze console and put the system in the thaw state, change the password and then freeze it again.
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