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See What Drives Employment and Compensation in Our Salary Survey


Extraordinary Robot
Jun 27, 2006
The 2016 Global Knowledge IT Skills & Salary Survey report contains a fairly comprehensive roadmap of the current employment landscape (both and out of IT) and what will improve anyone's chances of retaining a job or increasing their compensation.

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I agree on it. But the main thing which helped we to improve my working time is https://tracktime24.com/Blog/free-employee-performance-review-template . My boss uses such documents and they are helping review to structure my working days and for sure he knows that we will not skip something important or we will forget about any uncompleted tasks. They have as well reminders which are helping me. Since We started to use timetable which was created with this service. My salary increased because I am working more and in same time i have breaks. I really like it.
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