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Hope that title makes sense. I have about 65 photo files on an external drive. I would like to copy them over to my new Dell - the files do not seem to have the little open box next to each one as in win7. That would enable you to select which files to copy or whatever - I do not see such an item on win 10. As a consequence, I have had to copy all 65 files over to my desktop - 55 minutes screams will happen I'm sure but would rather not do all at once. Under "view" ?-- should have checked that first I guess. Anyway, thanks for any help with this...


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Windows 10 still has the check boxes, they only appear when you hover over an item:

If you've turned them off then the option is under the View tab, called Item Check Boxes


Alternatively you can hold down the CTRL key as you click around on files to select only certain ones.


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Thank you! I figured there must be a way - as it turns out it took about all of the 55 minutes as stated by win10. Now I know for the next time.


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In the explorer, click on the View tab.
Way over on the right , there is a small item/square which must be checked to show those boxes.



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ok. I'll check it out. Right now it's copying another huge file - thanks.

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