Windows 10 Semaphore Timeout Problem


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I am running Windows 10 having upgraded from Windows 7 on a Dell desktop.
I have run into what I am calling the "semaphore" problem.
I am trying to copy/paste a folder that contains large video files. The source is on a drive inside
a Synology DS413j server on my house network. The target is an external USB drive that is
connected to my PC. The copy/paste starts but soon locks up and gives the "semaphore"
I can copy/paste when the target is a different drive connected to the Synology box
via a USB port on the Synology box.

A Google search on semaphore and a lot of reading leads me to the following:
1. This problem has been around for a long time.
2. Lots of work a rounds but no REAL solution.
3. The problem exists whether one involves a network or not.

Two questions arise:
1. Is there a way to get this problem to Microsoft and more importantly obtain a response
concerning what they will do about it?
2. Is there a real fix to this problem?


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Is your Synology DS413j unit completely up to date with the latest firmware?

Does the device support running a hard disk check operation? (I'm assuming it's running embedded Linux or something of the sort)?

Are your Network Drivers up to date?

Are you only getting this error when copying large files (4GB+)?

Can you post the exact error message word for word, and also look in the Event Viewer and copy any related error as well so we can do more research?

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Thank you for replying.

My Synology DS413j is running the latest firmware DSM 5.2-5592 update 2. Updated on 7-31-2015.
I do not know at this time if the box has a "check disk" function. I have sent a ? to Synology to find
out. I will keep you posted as to the result.

The file I am working with is a Quicken data file, size 84MB.

What am I looking for once I bring up the Event Viewer. I have not used this tool.

My network drivers are up to date but I am not sure how to check this.

As I get more info, I will post it.


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Just now, this morning 8-11-2015, I got on the PC that I have been having the copy "Semaphore"
problem and the copy works with no errors. This is magic as I had done nothing to this PC.
I am totally confused.


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Well it may not be fixed it just may be an intermittent problem or a problem that happens when the NAS device is busy doing something else...

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