Sending keyboard inputs to multiple windows?


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So I'm trying to record my keyboard inputs while playing a game that runs in DOSBox. The keyboard visualizer seems to work fine but DOSBox "sucks" the inputs in when it's focused and so it does nothing while I'm actually playing. Based on threads I've posted on other forums, this runs into the area of keylogging/malware and no, I can't prove that I'm not really trying to create a keylogger, but I think that's absurd, because I've already found this program that does that, I just want to expand what it's capable of. I'm not even going to name it if you don't want to know.

Anyone know how I can get the visualizer to show the inputs? Thanks!

(Win 10 64-bit)


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By design only the focused window receives keyboard input. You would need a custom application to do the following

  • Detect DOSBox is running or other game
  • Potentially launch or check if keyboard visualizer is running
  • Hook into the keyboard proc (key logger like functionality)
  • If key press and DOSBox has focus (use GetActiveWindow from User32 win api)
  • If DOSBox is active use SendMessage to send the key press to keyboard visualizer
  • You may also need to send the key press to DOSBos if it doesn't receive the press event because of the hook


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I can't believe all I needed to do was RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR. No need to code anything. I tried two different visualizers just now and they both work this way.

Here's one of them in case anyone reading this was looking for one:

Free - NohBoard

You choose from various presets and edit it (in the program itself) to your liking. I don't think you can add new keys but you can always turn a key you don't need into the key that was missing by editing it. Seems pretty simple.