Server 2008 can not be reached after equipment reboot.

I have a windows 2008 server machine in my network, and it is connected to a UPS, it seems that they lose power every month or so in this company and all the other devices, switches, client machines, router reboots.
The problem is that after the system reset the client machines can't seem to ping the server either by ip or name and the server needs to get restarted to start replying.
In the long run, I know the whole power failure/back up needs to change, but for now, just want to see if I can get any help to alleviate the problem.

Thanks All.

Any ideas?

I have unistalled and reinstalled the network card drivers, but nothing..


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Doesn't make much since if after the power is restored and all nodes are back up and running that you wouldn't be able to ping the server from a network node.
So how about the other direction can you ping a node from the server? Can the server ping itself and or the default gateway?

Just a shot in the dark but perhaps during the outage after some time of zero traffic the server OS is turning off the NIC, so.......
Check device manager, properties of the network adapter under the power tab and see what's checked.
And maybe just a simple ping out from the server might get things humming again, but you should probably uncheck the energy stuff for the server NIC.

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I'll give that a shot on monday and report back... Thanks!

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