Server 2016 Help with DNS issue (.com top level domain)


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Jan 2, 2023
Im running a windows 2016 domain. top level internal domain is and so is external domain (where website is hosted). this is not a good practice but it is what it is. I could add a sub domain but not sure on how to reconfigure and move all clients. I added a www A record with the ip so no issues getting to public website but recently (last month), local clients are not receiving email (pop) but can send. If i connect to the domain via VPN, my own email (pop) does not work for any of my email accounts (different domains). If i disconnect from VPN, works good again. I had planned on setting up a sub domain to separate internal from external but never had the opportunity. Maybe now is the time? What i dont understand is why this is happening suddenly with no changes that i am aware of. seems like a MX record issue or something. I added a A record with the IP assuming this would resolve but no joy. Some assistance/ guidance would be greatly appreciated.
DNS, routing, firewalls could all cause issues. If you have the same domain both internal and external they will likely resolve differently depending on where you are. Wireshark would help you troubleshoot
yea i checked the firewall(s) and nothing blocked, routing looks right. seems like a dns issue. problem is, nothing changed. I did notice that my webhosting (cpanel) had the mail server (hosted by cpanel company) was set to auto detect mx vs all email to the localhost. i made that change 20 minutes ago and now it seems to be working. IDK.
should i create a subdomain like and move all clients to that domain? i cant find a tutorial thats comprehensive enough.
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