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I'm stuck working on a lab assignment. I'm trying to install ServerMigrationToon on a 2008R2 machine. I've done all the procedures on my 2012 machine. On the 2008R2 I open cmd prompt with admin, type net use Z:\\Servera\wsmt\SMT_ws08R2_amd64 (enter) I then change to Z: directory and here is where I get stuck. I cannot get it to run SmigDeploy.exe. Can someone enlighten me on my mistake.


I followed the steps from Microsofts Official Academic lab manual. I think where I'm messing up is I need to copy the folder from my 2012 to my 2008R2 through cmd prompt then run SmigDeploy. I have to use cmd prompt bc I have to provide a screenshot and the professor wants to see that we used cmd prompt and not powershell.

That was my problem. I used robocopy and moved folder from 2012 to my 2008R2 and then can run SmigDeploy


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xcopy will work too over a network path

Well now is saying it can't run on my operating system (2008R2) that it can only run on 2012R2, 2012, 2008R2, 2008 and 2003 operating systems. Lol what the hell? I'm running what it needs.


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Is it the correct architecture?

Yup 64 to 64.

I have redone the process and still getting the error messages. Starting to tick me off only advice my professor had was to start over he didn't have a clue.

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