Windows 8 Services Diabled and now things won't work?


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Dec 20, 2009
I installed Windows 8 on my PC works excellent I recently came across a website that stated to disable all the services on the PC and reboot which I did but things weren't working and I would like to get the services back. I went under services to start/automatic but some I get dependency or group failed to start. ANy help greatly appreciated.

Joe S

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Jan 12, 2009
Have you done an AV scan? It sounds like you got infected on the website. Also download Mbam free and run that. MS also has Defender as a stand alone where you boot from a disk to scan check that out too.


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Oct 16, 2009
If you disabled the services yourself, do you have a list of which ones? Can you share which services are not starting?

I haven't messed with the services in Windows 8 yet, but in Windows 7 you needed to go to the services.msc panel to restart some things. The New Task Manager may be able to do that also.
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