Set password to not expire?


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My friend, wants to set his password to not expire in Windows 10.

I tried to lead him through it via the "netplwiz" to advanced settings, Users, User Name, Properties, to checking the box that says password never expires.

But when he gets to this page he says that the page has a big "Not Available" symbol, (the circle with the line through it) and the message...

"You can't do that in this version of Windows, please use the User Accounts settings in Control Panel."

I don't know what's going on, this works normally on my computer?

Anyone have any ideas, I tried to find a place to change this setting, "Password Never Expires" through Control Panel and haven't been able to find it.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?



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Mike is this for a 'local account' or a 'Microsoft account'?


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He says it is for his Microsoft Account and I'm pretty sure that's correct because I was at his house a few weeks ago when it expired and he had to reset it.

I posted about how he had his password expire while he was in safe mode without networking.
It wouldn't except his password and he didn't know why, and it wouldn't ask for his pin number.

Fortunately he had a laptop also Windows 10 that gave the "Your password has expired" message (which cleared up why his PC wouldn't take his password) and let him set a new MS password.

That didn't help with his PC because it wasn't connected to then net and couldn't update to the new password.

We had to restore a system image to get it to the point that he could log in and enter the new password.

Could this be because of the way he has permissions set up on his MS account?
Isn't the MS account always an Administrator account?

I'm pretty sure that it's the only account on his computer.


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