Settings in Control Panel not saving after shut down


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Hi, as the title says, it seems that whatever I change in my settings in the control panel, does not get saved. I noticed this when every time i open up my laptop, the notification center, you know, the little white flag at the bottom right, keeps showing an "x" mark, saying that windows updates are not automatically set to install updates automatically. So I click that button, and always set it to install updates automatically. So I got irritated by this, but ignored it, as I tried to live up with clicking install updates automatically every time I turn on my computer.

But what triggered me to finally ask a question is, I noticed that the settings I do change in the control panel does not get saved after I shut down my laptop. One example is, I change my sleep setting in the power management in the control panel. I always set the Turn off computer when plugged in to "Never", as I do not want my laptop to turn off its screen when my laptop is plugged in. Then, I noticed that this has the same case with my initial issue. IT NEVER GETS SAVED! After I shut down my computer, and open the power management, it keeps coming back to the default to "45 minutes". Now, I really need any one's help/suggestions

A few things that may help:

1) I can't remember when the issue started, I'm thinking the issue started not more than a month as of this writing. I don't know which updates happened on my PC that may be the factor of this issue.

2) In line with number 1, I can't roll back to an earlier restore point, as I do not know when exactly may the issue started, I may roll back to an earlier date, lose a lot of important programs, then find out the issue may exist.

3) I am on the latest Windows 8.1 OS with the latest updates installed. I always update my computer when it is available.

4) I did not install any other program that may interfere with the system other than windows updates.