Windows 10 Setup OpenDNS on one Windows 10 user account only.


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I wish to use OpenDNS for filtering out certain websites like Facebook and Twitter for my child, who has their own user on Windows 10, however I do not want these DNS settings to apply to my account.

Currently, when the DNS is setup on one user, it is applied across the device. Is there a way of ensuring the DNS only activates when the child account is logged in?


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Hi there, I have using ISP DNS in my windows 10 which is causing too much issue. Sometimes it won't open a website having HTTPS protocol like Netflix Apk Mod Android - Unlock Android Mod Apk. I have told someone I can use OpenDNS which can solve my issue. If so how can I set up OpenDNS on my windows 10 operating system?
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The only possibility would be have two DNS servers setup and switch the DNS with a task that runs on start up.

For Kevin, just change your DNS to a different service such as google or cloudflare.