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    Apr 24, 2010
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    I have spent hours trying to figure out how to get other operating systems to connect to my main workstation. I run a workshop and i have 8TB+ of disk space in it, previous versions, xp vista, hell 98/2000 i was able to configure it so that clients could connect to my 8TB+ of disk space simple by plugging in to the network and getting a dhcp lease. I want exactly the same behaviour in 7 x64. I have trawled through the support forums, googled it endless times and have finally thrown my hands up in frustration. Lets be frank i dont give a toss about security, not in this situation, my system can get riddled with virus' hacked and even entirely deleted it is 8TB+ of info i simply do not care about. I do not wish to create accounts in the local sam in order for it be accessed. If you can only suggest reg hacks, then chances are i have already tried it. It is my strongest suspicion that it is something to do with the annoying radio boxes about requiring encryption, i require none how do i turn it off!!! I simply do not need it... All i want is to create a share, add everyone to the security tab and navigate to \\computername and get my share. It seems that it is an incredibly obvious desire, there must be something somewhere that gives you this ability, sorry about the rant, but im tired desperate and sitting here with a knife paused over my wrist if i cant get this solved!!!

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