Shifting from slim tower to atx tower


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I would like to upgrade my system by shifting the hardware components of the slim tower to an ATX tower.The system is a Dell vostro 260s.I have already bought a corsair VS 450 for the power supply and upgraded RAM to 8gb.What is the best graphics card apt for this power supply and please suggest a good case .


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You should never buy any parts/components with out knowing the complete your limiting yourself on the GPU do to the wattage limitation of the PSU.


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You gave us no budget and no purpose for this computer so we can give no answers.

I like Antec cases. I will never get a case without removable washable air filters. And all my cases must support at least 1 120mm or larger fan in front, and 1 in back.

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Budget is about 200 dolllars and I am looking at gtx 750.PC will be used for normal browsing,occasional picture/photoediting cropping and watching videos/movies.


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The GTX 750 is a great card for basic things, it's rather cheap and I don't see a reason to settle for anything less.