Windows 10 Shortcut for Jumping from Desktop 1 to 2 etc.?

Hey Guys,

I love the new feature of using virtual desktops in Windows 10.

I am currently using the shortcut Win + Ctrl + Arrows to navigate from one desktop to another.

Do you know if there is a shorter way to get from desktop 1 to 5 without having to jump over desktops 2,3,4?
I used to have a tool called "Desktops v2.0 By Mark Russinovich" for Windows 7 which allowed me to use Strg+1 or any other Shortcut to jump around.

It would be great if somebody knows if this is possible with the Win 10 desktop feature!

Thanks in advance!


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Click on the taskbar task view icon? Maybe.


Windows Forum Team
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Press Window Key + tab, select the desktop you want

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