Should I keep these?

Axel PC

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I'm currently in a backup project and I've got ALOT of old software. But should I even make ISO backups of theses old software? I've got old versions of Visual Studio, every Office back to 98, every Windows os back to 98 SE.

Have any of ya'll come across a situation where you needed an old, OLD, version of these software? To help someone or you personally needed it?

Space to back these up isn't a problem. It's just the time. For example Visual Studio Pro 6 is 5 DVDs. It's going to take a long time to rip copies of everything.

I attached a picture of a few of the things I have, to bring back memories of the old school geeks around here, lol.

software pictures.jpg


Windows Forum Team
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Not unless you really want them. VS is free now a days and all those OSes are not really used.

Axel PC

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LOL, I still have Microsoft Works 8.5 on CD. I used the heck out of that software back in the day.

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