Laptops Get Old Fast


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I have had desktops from around 1978 until my last one in 2010, an eMachine EL 1333g, that still works. I it slow and Windows 10 updates take all day and for some reason my Internet speed has decreased from 100+Mbps to around 15-Mbps. I suspect conflicts with WS software. But, I am going to pack it up for storage and have ordered a new Dell Inspiron 15-3510 laptop to replace it with Win-11. I still use a Dell Inspiron 15-3552 laptop with Win-10 that still has a CD drive. The new one does not have a CD drive nor Ethernet connecter. I have a USB External CD drive so I can install old programs from disks. :)

Sooner or later I find that old programs continue to work on newer PCs and upgraded Windows, but it takes some reverse engineering at times. I hope Windows 11 wors okay and have heard from friend that use it that it works fine, if one can surely like Microsoft stuff. I still use Office 2003 and Visual Basic 5.0 Pro, but it takes some sneaky software engineering. Oh, I started working computers, analog ones, back in 1960 and got into digital a few years later. Then into small PCs in the 1970's. So, I'm not real new at this stuff, but still yet, they drive me nuts keeping ahead of MS.

Anyone have problems with Windows 11 and/or newer Dell laptops?
Currently, even fresh Adobe After Effects is having problems on Windows 11. That's why I went back to Windows 10 again.