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    Windows 7 UEFI !

    Hello, My boot menu looks like this: UEFI P4: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NSD0 (Highlighted) P2: Toshiba DT01 ACA1000 (953969MB) P3: Toshiba DT01 - ditto - Samsung Flash Drive (122368 MB) Generic Storage Device Generic Storage Device P4 must be the DVD writer; P2 & P3...
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    Windows 10 Cannot transfer iso file

    I have some ISO files on a CD that I want to transfer to my computer, but they always fail after getting to about 14%. It seems to be transferring just fine, but once it gets to 14% it just stops and the rate goes down to 0 bytes/s. I've tried changing security settings and I've tried copying to...
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    Windows 10 Disk Drive Not Showing Up -Windows 10

    I'm using a Lenovo G500 laptop. I'm not sure what is going on but more often than not the CD/DVD drive is not showing up under "Devices and Drives". It does sometimes after I restart the laptop but it seems very random. I created a CD drive shortcut on the desktop hoping that would work. The...
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