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Hi, I am attempting to reinstall windows xp home on my mom’s Dell 740 optiplex computer with the Dell reinstallation CD that came when unit was purchased. All her files were copied to a flash drive & no need to recover data. Have done this in past without any problems but this time I can’t seem to get beyond the boot menu. When I boot from CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive the screen goes dark and must restart and then access the boot menu with F12 or F2 for the setup menu. Have some screen shots attached if any help.

Thanks, Ken


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If you see a blue screen flicker before the reboot you will want to go into BIOS and make sure the hard drive mode is in IDE or legacy mode and not ACHI. Windows XP does not natively support SATA drives and this is a common issue for Windows XP


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When on the Boot from CD black & white screen, did you remember to tap the keyboard before the 3 dots disappear? If not, the BIOS will skip booting from the DVD/CD drive and hit the hard drive boot routine.