Leftover's from Windows 7 after XP reinstall


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Let me start by saying, that I do indeed love Windows 7. Even with less than 1gb of RAM, it performs MUCH better than Vista, and looks/feels very nice. Furthermore I've noted the stabilty seems even better than XP, HOWEVER:

Recently I've ran into a problem of Video drivers. There is and will be no support for the intel 82865g onboard Video for Winodws 7. You can get 'xddm' drivers working, but they are useless as no driver interfaces are supported, and aero transparencies do not work. After spending much time online I eventually , did 'buy a new video card', a Geforce 5200 256mb , I was very excited to take it home and install it! However, to my dismay, this card also does not have 'wddm' drivers, only xddm, and transversly no display interface for any 3d/desktop settings at all. I ran a game or two, and discovered my FPS was worse than the oboard video I'd been using, so I decided to go back to my faithful XPP, until appropriate drivers are released.

GOOD NEWS: I resolve the issue by alot of work thusly:
installed acronis disk director, split drive into 2 primary partitions
installed xp on new d: partition, leaving old xp on c:
used d's install, to delete all unwanted files n folders, including the c:\users folder. Once out of the OS, i was able to get permissions, or simply delete the files with a simple rename 1st.
once c: was clean, reinstalled to c:
formatted d: partition, and will resize back to 1 drive tomorrow, i'm going to bed !

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The Problem: I ran into this with Vista before as well. The problem is, I cannot backup the amount of data on my drive effectively, and so I DO NOT wish to format, so I did a fresh XPP install, via boot from CD. Once back to desktop, you have 'leftover files' from windows 7. I spent alot of time attempting to 'remove explicit permissions' and 'take ownership' of the offending folders and files, and after an hour or so managed to remove 'most ' of them. HOWEVER, I have some folders I simply cannot remove, one being the c:\users folder. After trying unlocking programs, permissions, etc, to no avail, i decided to try a test. I put a text file on my desktop, named 'xxxx' (unique name), and what I discovered is that the file I placed under My folder (c:\documents and settings\ck\desktop\xxxx.txt was duplicated under c:\users\ck\desktop. I cannot remove the 'users' folder, because its 'in use' and apparently the same as the documents and settings folder, which is impossible.

The only thing I can think of is that the NTFS file system is broke? chkdsk says everythings fine, suggestions or comments would be apprciated. The impact unfortuntnately of this is, I cannot install IE8, or more appropriately I can install it ,but it immediately closes when opened, even under safe mode, as though some sort of popup blocker, or spyware were breaking it. I belive it is taking some settings from the \users folder, and transversly breaking the new IE8. IE7, when rolled back works fine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, is there a good / easy tutorial out there that tells how delete these leftover files / remove their permissions , as I seem to be struggling with it.

Is there any way out? Thanks

Thomas R

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