Shrinking system drive free space in Vista OS, service pack 2


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The free space in my drive keeps shrinking though I haven't installed any new legal software in it.
Is this a Vista OS problem, or is this some sort of malware or virus engineered to scrape data fragments off my system drive?

What are the fixes for the above two scenarios?


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Could be temp files, page file, hibernate file or any number of things. Create a disk usage report and upload it here.
  • Download DU Disk Usage and put it on your desktop
  • Open a command prompt and type CD %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  • Type du -c -v C:\ >> du_report.csv
  • Upload the du_report.csv file from your desktop here. You may need to zip the file first


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Most likely it's due to Hard Drive failure as most Vista computers are nearing 10 years old this year (from 2007); and Hard Drives are only designed to work for 3 years in Desktop PCs and only 2 years in Laptops! :eek:
If you've owned that computer since it was new and never had the Hard Drive replaced; it's 90%+ certain that it's failing or now completely failed!o_O

After you try to upload your Disk Usage log to neemo; consider testing your Hard Drive and RAM sticks; replacing them if failure occurs. I have written a thorough step-by-step Troubleshooting Guide to assist you with the HW Testing here: Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar
The Guide is quite long (6-8 pages), and so is a good idea to print out and have hardcopy in front of your computer while attempting to Troubleshoot it.

Post back if you get stuck or have any questions.