Side by Side Configuration, HELP!!!!!

Hello, im new to this whole forum thing & im no computer whiz so please try to write instructions in layman's terms :nerdie:
---- I play a game called IMVU, today when i tried to open it up in got the error message that the side-by-side config. was incorrect. I have no idea was a sxstrace.exe tool is, but i did check the Event Log. Here is a snapshot of the information i received . . . . If you need more information please let me know. I appreciate your help!


Come on now i have 45 views & no replies. Help someone !


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I think a possible reason for the lack of response is that the error appears to be specific to the game, and not a windows error. Windows 7 is merely reporting it. I am not familiar with the game, but from the error produced it seem like a corrupted file in the user section. I would say that a reinstall of the game would sort it.

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I tried re-installing the game several times . . . still the same error ):


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Just had a browse. Try and disable your antivirus (particularly if it is AVG) and restart and try again.


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Looks like good advice. They also suggest the Antivirus problem. Have you tried disabling MSE temporarily, to see if that is enough? Otherwise, if you have it, go for the C uninstall suggestion.

I tried everything you said, but in the end adding more C++ Redistributales fixed the problem! Thanx for all your help!!


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im glad you managed to get it sorted.

We hope you stay on the forums and continue to use the site

Thank you :)


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I had same problem with Nero 9 after I had to do a restore. I reinstalled Windows Visual c++ 2005,2008,and 2010 then Windows updated them. Nero 9 works fine now. Hope this helps?

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