Windows 7 Silverlight TV 42: Apply and Customize the New Silverlight Themes

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    [​IMG]Tsitsi Gora, UX Designer at Microsoft, appears on the show to*announce the new Silverlight themes that her team has been working on. Tsitsi demonstrates the new themes available for download and explains the scenarios they had in mind when they created the themes.*The new*themes include:

    • Jet Pack
    • Cosmopolitan
    • Windows 7
    • AccentColor
    She also takes a deep look at the cosmopolitan theme*and shows how you can customize it, if need be. Tsitsi wraps up by demonstrating some tips you can use to maintain design consistency in your application, including how to apply a simple behavior to your TextBox and content presenters. Tsitsi drops a ton of great design tips throughout this episode—you don't want to miss it.

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