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Hello'n'stuff! I've recently purchased a copy of Sandra 2016, but cannot figure out how to register for their "ranker" system. The FAQ doesn't address my issues, nor do any of the articles in their support center, and they won't reply to me via e-mail.

From what I can understand according to the articles on the FAQ, simply trying to log in with a username that doesn't exist should create an account, though I feel that's incorrect since it'd open their system up to way too much abuse. Regardless, trying that gives me "Log-in failed. Please check your team name/password. Team may be password protected.".

What am I supposed to be doing?


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Never heard of the software, but I looked at the site and I don't even see a login location or place to create an account. I did see mention that when you buy the product you are automatically registered. Did you perhaps get an email with the required information.

That idea was genius!... But blah, no such luck. x.x Sandra's supposed to be one of *the* tools out there for benchmarking and burn-in tests, but my experience so far with the company has been worse than horrible. I had to jump through hoops to order it, support still isn't replying, and they don't even host their own downloads. Gah. x.x At least the software its self is good.

Maybe it did register me somewhere somehow, but if it did, I really don't know what it set as my login details. There's an FAQ about it that seems plausible. It mentioned something like "Your username is your account name on your computer and the password is your computer's name", but trying that combination doesn't work.

I love your picture, by the way. o_o


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it's a while since I last used it but if your know in the system then it's just a case of running a benchmark. Once completed see if you can find your result (you may have to upload it first).

I can get my result just fine, but it's posted as "Anonymous" since I can't create an account. I managed to rank at #2 in one of the benchmarks before overclocking, so I'd like to get an account working before I overclock so I don't have to try and beat myself if I then get #1.

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