Windows 8 [SkyDrive]- Do you need the desktop version too? Why?


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Im not sure I really got the picture with how SkyDrive works and how its different than other storage and sharing services like Mediafire, DropBox etc. but one of thse days I was prompted to install skydrive even if the app from the startscreen was alrdeady there. And now I have a folder under my user with other subfolders I created within the startscreen app. So is this is the desktop version of the startscreen app cause it shows its continously updating everytime Im reconecting to internet or power up my pc even I dont have anything in those folders and I think this is kinda a performance sapp for my pc and internet.Do I really need that? Or do I have a choice?

And another dilema ( out of my own topic) : if I go to skidrive live com I saw under PC section 2 PCs with my name. Could the last one be there because sometime ago when I used windows 7 I installed the app? but I dont remember to use it. And for the 1st PC -wich is probably a distinct one because now I have windows 8 installed -why is asking me for a security code to conect to itif Im already logged in and I can see all my folders? Something slips my mind .
Ok...on fileshare , mediafire etc. I could provide a link to the download page of a certain file. How can I do that here. For example Im chating on steam with a friend and want to give him the possibility to download a file. With the mentioned services I could just provide him the link. He needs a Microsoft/Skydrive acount or ..?

Ive cheched that "get a link " section from windows offcial page . Ive saw only view and edit. So he cannot download that?
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you almost had it.. You need to give your friend the link created under 'Public':


All he need do then is open the link, right click the file in question and click download.