Skype for Windows Phone public beta released!


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Feb 7, 2009
Today, during mobile world congress, Microsoft/Skype confirmed the availability of the first official version of Skype! While it is currently in beta (and only at version 0.2), it comes packed with some of the most basic features you'd expect in a Skype for mobile client - IM, Skype-to-Skype, landline calling, group conversations, video calling and group video (?). However, in its early stages it lacks background/live tile support. That's a major downfall but you should definitely be expecting an update soon.
You can grab the app here:
Microsoft has stated the gold version of the app should be available in April. It was not made clear if they intend to update the app in the meantime.
The Smartphone is really awesome. I have Lumia 900 and is really awesome...

I've got the Samsung Focus S (i937) and love it as well. I'm in Canada and it's only available on AT&T in the USA so I bought one online and unlocked it for Bell Canada. I believe it's the best device on the market currently. It's only 0.85cm thick, has solid construction and identical specs (exception of the S-AMOLED screen) to the Lumia 900 before this, I had two LG Quantum's.. I'm going to hop the WP8 bandwagon as soon as those handsets become available.

Microsoft announced Skype will have better integration into the calling/messagin hub in WP8, which was announced at the developer summit or something back in June. Here's a little more information on it: Microsoft details deep Skype integration in Windows 8 -- Engadget
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