sleep mode issue ! ?

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    Nov 4, 2013
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    i have hp pavilion g6 note book
    am already facing such an annoying problem
    i have set sleep mode settings to never never for both plugged and unplugged
    but after about 5 or 6 hours the computer turns of i have to press the power button to turn it on again when i move my hand on the touch the screen does not respond i mean it turned off even when sleep mode is deactivated i faced this on both win 8 and win 7 and duno what to do
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    Just a suggestion. No guarantees.

    *** you have a touch computer. I am not sure my method below will apply to you****

    Go to Power Options > on the right side of your selected power plan, click Change plan settings > click Change advanced power settings > scroll to Sleep, expand (click the + sign) the options and make sure sleep is disabled > scroll to Multimedia settings > expand "When sharing media", make sure both options are set at " Prevent idling to sleep" > OK when done.
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