Sleep Mode not working (correctly) after Windows 10 AU

I've just updated my 64-bit Windows 10 system with the Anniversary Update. Everything seems to work OK (fortunately) apart from the Sleep Mode. I have an SSD for the Windows system disk / programs and an HDD for data storage.

Previously, if you put the system in Sleep mode, everything stopped (screen, mouse scanning light, system fans etc.) and came back to life when you moved the mouse or lightly touched the power on button. Now everything stops apart from the fans, which stay 'whirring' as normal. However, when you try to wake the system up (By moving the mouse or touching the power button), the PC doesn't respond. The only way to get it going again is to switch it off entirely and re-start it.

Oddly enough, Hibernate works as it should do; mouse movement restarts the system although occasionally the PC 'fires up' by itself in Hibernate mode .

Anyone any ideas how I fix this annoying bug - or how I report it to Microsoft? Thanks.


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  • Make/Model?
  • What type of keyboard/mouse USB or PS/2?
  • When you are going to put it to sleep, open an elevated command prompt and type powercfg /requests if anything in here does not say "None." you have some process,driver or service preventing sleep

Thanks for the quick reply Neemobeer.

The PC is a locally built system (12 mths old) with a Gigabyte motherboard & an Intel I5 processor. Both the Keyboard & Mouse are connected via USB. I checked out the elevated command prompt & every line said 'None'. Prior to installing the Anniversary Upgrade, both Sleep and Hibernate worked as you would expect them to.

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