Windows 7 Sleep wakes up in middle of the night


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I'm loving windows 7. One big problem I have is I put computer to sleep usually after I'm done watching something on media center and put it to sleep. Then in the middle of the night, my computer randomly wakes up, waking me up! WTF. Can anyone help this issue? I really like the sleep function, bc it wakes up and is connected to internet so quickly. :( :frown: :mad:
Go to device manager, select your network adapter, right click and select power management, deselect Allow this to wake up computer. This corrected my problems.
Right click on the desktop, go to properties, oh wait, they decided to call it "personalize" to look cool, then go to screen saver at the bottom of the screen, then click change power settings in the new window, then click change plan settings on your current power plan, and THEN go to change advanced power settings, AND THEN scroll down a bit to the sleep branch and expand that. Expand the hibernate tree and change the minutes to something really big, I have mine at 840 minutes, or 14 hours.