Slow boot up after migrate local windows 7 installation to iSCSI target disk


New Member
I attempt to migrate a local Windows 7 fresh installation instance to FreeNAS iscsi target. I use dd to copy the windows 7 disk image and make it available as iscsi target disk. I then use sanboot to start the iscsi target, the windows OS boot till the windows logo screen and finally blue screen show out and machine get reboot.

After google for solution, I finally able to solve the problem by disable network interface's LWF. I dd the windows 7 and sanboot again and it works finally. I can use the Windows 7 via iscsi now. However, the windows 7 boots take more than 2 minutes to show the welcome screen.

If I install Windows 7 directly on iscsi target disk and sanboot, the booting screen show up as fast as like local hard disk.

Any ideas why dd windows 7 instance and transfer to iscsi target boot slowly? Is there anything I forgot for tune before dd?

Thank you.

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