Slowest "Explorer" Ever - "stacsv64.exe" and "audidg.exe" problem

I've been using windows 7 ultimate 64bit for a few weeks. It's all good except;

When i try to get in hardrives, folders etc. it waits 2-3 seconds each time. Forward-backward-shortcut any attempt on opening a folder makes me wait 2-3 seconds.

When i check it on task manager, each time i click to open a folder, cpu usage is %95-100. And stacsv64.exe causes that. I close stacsv64.exe from task manager but problem resumes. This time audidg.exe uses the cpu when i click to open a folder. and i still wait 2-3 seconds to open a folder. I try to close audidg.exe, too. But it won't! It comes back as soon as i try to open a folder.

This is quite annoying, i may give up using windows 7 if this slowness doesn't get solved..

Thank you for reading..

Edit: Althought i end all other proccess(including audiıdg and stacsv64), and give explorer real-time priority, it still makes delay while opening a folder. So i think that the problem about audiodg and stacsv64 is not important on "delay problem" So my problem is windows 7 or HP related

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The audiodg executable controls Windows Audio. It's normal for it to use large amounts of CPU time.
Really the only thing you can do is type in services.msc in the start menu search field, find Windows Audio and Click Stop. Wait a few minutes and start it again.
As for the slow explorer navigation, I find this quite normal on most of my clients PC's some of which have over 8 GB of RAM and Core i7's. What you could do is press Alt in the explorer window to open the file menu, Navigate to Tools>>Folder Options and on the view Tab, select "Restore Defaults" other then that there's not much you can do.

Thank you for answering but i've tried so many thing including yours about solving audidg.exe problem.

But if even i end it all, independent from audidg or anything else, i still can't open folders without a delay.

If even i give real time priority to explorer.exe, it still makes delay. I've used windows vista 32bit and now using ubuntu. Both os don't have any such a problem.

This is really making me sick, slowness is killer for an os..


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What about hard drive fragmentation? Could you need to defrag?

I've tried. It seems %0 fragmentation..


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As I said, Me and most of my clients have the same problem, Sorry I couldn't help.
If I come across a solution, I'll be sure to tell you. :D


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It looks like stacsv64.exe is something HP uses. I googled it and found this plus other things.

Re: STacSV64.exe IDT PC Audio using 50% of cpu - Notebook PC Sound and Audio - HP Support Forum

I don't have an HP computer so I don't have the offending exe. My Windows Explorer works fine even on my old slow hardware.

It looks like there might be a fix for you. I would do some more research if I were you. It appears to be an HP thing.

IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver - HP Customer Care (Canada - English)

@ Mitchell_A
Thanks for effort

I'm using kaspersky internet security 2010 but including audio service and audiodg.exe, i've ended all other procces. only explorer and hardrive remains. Explorer still makes delay(I give it real-time priority and it uses more %90 cpu and makes delay)

@ stueycaster
thanks for writing, but i've tried those solutions before. And i've understood that my problem is not about audiodg or IDT sound driver. Because if even i end all other proccess, explorer still makes delay when i try to open a folder. But as you said, my problem could be an HP thing. I'll search about that, too


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Well it was worth a try. It seems like an HP hardware driver issue to me. Sorry I couldn't be of some help. The only HP hardware I have are my old printer and my new DVD writer. Those aren't critical components.

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