Windows 7 SM Bus Driver problem


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Feb 1, 2009
Hey i installed windows 7 and like it so far but in my device manager i get yellow quetion marks by PCI Data Aquisition & signal processesing controler and also next to SM Bus Controller. Im using a new hp laptop with a t3200 cpu. Can someone please help. thanks
Yup, go to and grab the Chipset drivers for Vista, and probably going to need the motherboard drivers too. you may have to install them by going to the device, and opening up properties and then updating driver.. but if the driver files come with an EXE... try that first...
Okay, then go to the device manager, and then go to the properties of the device and install manually the driver.. point it to the folder that all the files from HP are in.. if that doesn't work then we may have found a driver that doesn't work, submit feedback on it :)
its weird, all the yellow question marks are gone and i cant seem to find the ones that were giving me trouble. Is this a good thing?
Sounds like all the drivers are installed now.. perhaps a windows update happened? or did you install the drivers.
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