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    It's not often we get a new development environment that gets Kinect Dev support, so when we do, and when it's focused on getting to coding quickly, well we have to highlight it!

    Kinect for Small Basic

    1, Download Small Basic 1.1

    2. Download the Kinect for Small Basic installer here

    3. See Small Basic tutorials and samples here:

    4. Get a Kinect for Windows Sensor:

    Programmers Guide

    Kinect for Small Basic is a set of extension object for Small Basic which allow anyone to program with the Microsoft Kinect Sensor and the information that it captures. Here are examples of what you can do with Kinect for Small Basic:

    • Show the color, infrared, depth, body index, and body sensor data
    • Capture images from the color, infrared, depth, and body index sensors
    • Replace the background behind people in the foreground with another image. This is similar to chroma key compositing or “green screen” processing.
    • Get the position and orientation of 26 different “joints” in up to 6 human bodies in both 3D space and on the screen
    • Gets the open/closed state of the hands of up to 6 humans in front of the sensor
    • Gets the lean angle of up to 6 humans in front of the sensor
    • Gets the position and orientation of the faces of up to 6 humans in front of the sensor

    Programmers Reference

    You will notice that three new objects now appear in the IntelliSense object list: KinectBodyList, KinectFaceList, and KinectWindow. All of the Kinect capabilities available in Small Basic are accessed through these objects. There are some capabilities in the Kinect sensor that are not available in the Kinect for Small Basic at this time which are available to developers who use Visual Studio and the full Kinect for Windows SDK.


    Project Information URL:

    Project Download URL:

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