so, is windows 8.1 faster than 7? also some enterprise questions?

i plan on trying out the enterprise evaluation on my AMD e-350 based system with integrated Radeon 6310 graphics. it runs windows 7 home premium well enough, but ive read that windows 8 actually is faster than 7. will the enterprise evaluation be slower than seven home premium since it has enterprise "stuff" running? also, is there any way to remove the "90 days remaining" watermark?

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The opinion is a divided. Some think it is a lot faster others don't. When I tested the beta as a dual boot using the same hardware it was only slightly faster than Windows 7 . Windows 7 also had a lot of updates which tend to slow things down over time. The only way to find out is to try it for yourself.


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Yes, Windows 8 (& 8.1) is faster than 7 across the board both in the amount of time it takes to boot and how quickly it performs a function like network connections… this is by design and the amount of RAM needed to chug along is less as well.

The evaluation build is strictly controlled and can't be legally purchased or hacked… even if you decide to purchase 8 (or 8.1) the E-build must first be removed and the new one installed instead.

Note that the evaluation build uses out-dated protocols and is slower than the current build anyway.


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My vote is faster, but not so much that it's worth the hassle of upgrading, that's just my opinion.
I'm not a big fan of Windows 8 even though both my PC and laptop run it.

Unless you are having issues running things in Windows 7 I'd stick with it and spend the money on a video card with dedicated video memory if this is a PC.

If it's a laptop you are pretty much stuck with it, if it doesn't have great performance now it probably won't after upgrading either.


I see, so if I did not want the outdated protocols would it be worth while to torrent it to try, and then buy if I like?


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I think it is illegal to discuss or approve torrents on this forum(?). But, if you should go down that path, beware, You will probably also pick up some bloatware and spam. Even a virus.
These factors could possibly influence the overall performance of your test

could someone explain to me these "outdated protocols"


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ussnorway means that the evaluation copy has not been changed in any way since the start, and is probably running on older drivers etc, which will not give you the results you are seeking.


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Microsoft spectacularly misjudged both the popularity of XP and the resistance of people to migrate to newer hardware… they [Microsoft] dragged their feet with 8's development and had to rush the E-8 build out which is effectively a beta version. There are numerous tweaks but the main issue is one of drivers for the various hardware venders so if you use all new hardware as Microsoft assumed then the E-8 build will perform very well but people whom want to keep older hardware esp peripherals like sound and network (in particularly wireless) devices then the evaluation build will start to struggle.

To be clear, significant time has passed since then and the current 8 (& 8.1) has much better support drivers.

While I agree that 7 is ok as a working system you obviously want to at least try 8 just to test it out or you wouldn't have posted. The e-build IS free so try it & don't get stressed out over driver issues or too upset because it is different to what you have gotten used to… it's just a demo and the final build can be configured to look or feel the same as 7 with a little effort.

As always, look around for a student, end of financial year or components special to get a bargain.

P.s. avoid torrent builds, they generate more trouble than they solve… seriously.

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