So who has it?


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Just wondering who has a copy of Windows 7 installed? (You don't have to say where you got it)
Also, what builds do you have, or have you had?

Personally, I've had 6.1.6519.1 (M1 6519), 6.1.6574.1 (M1 R2-6574), 6.1.6780.1 (M3-6780) [Though I never installed this one] and now I have 6.1.6801.0 (PDC M3-6801) installed.

I have downloaded 6801 but haven't installed it yet.


I've got 6801, seem to be pretty nice. I do have a few problems. If anyone will visit my other posts and help it would be greatly appreciated. I know its pre-beta and not all will work. But I know this works on other computers it has been installed on.

I installed it and am now running it in a virtual machine. Quite an improvement, though I still can't find my product key from Vista RC1. Can someone PM me a product key?

Product key for RC1 didn't work for me.

But the key for beta 2 did.

I have it installed on my laptop (32-bit) and my desktop (64-bit). The only problem I have had so far was getting my Zune to work on the 64 bit one...but after running the installer in XP Compatibility mode, it works fine. For an Alpha build, the stability of this is insane. :D

I have recently obtained Windows 7 Build 6801 32 bit. I installed it via the upgrade route on my rig (Asus M2N-E Mobo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ EE 2.8GHZ -65nm - 65W, 2GB Crucial DDR2 667MHZ RAM, Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 512MB GDDR4 Single Slot Solution, Corsair HX 520W Modular PSU, LG 20X DVD Burner w/Lightscribe, Seagate Sata2 160GB HDD, Codegen Standard ATX Gaming Case.) and everything went flawlessly, all drivers installed no problem and all my apps seem to be running just as they did on XP PRO SP3.

I agree with you blackroseMD1, the stability of this IS insane for an Alpha!!! Let's hope they don't ruin it between now and the Final build. ;)

I didn't realize a Beta Vista Key would work. I also had one of those but discarded it after buying a copy of Vista Ultimate... is there any chance of getting one from anyone on here? If not, no biggie, just thought I'd ask.

I installed the 6801, and is fully registred with microsoft, an old key from vista beta was enough, everything works on my acer laptop exept the webcam, not a biggie beceuse I never use it.
The sound driver installed but the properties are disabled, that means that the level is only 50% of the original. It seems to me that is faster, I;m using all the time...

Windows 7 6801

Well everything works on mine. I had to DL some realtek drivers for my sound card and my camera. I tried to install Norton 360 and got the nessage it wouldn't work with this OS. Everything else is working. I did try to find an email client but Windows mail isn't part of Windows 7 so I downloaded Windows Live Mail and it works great.

Windows 7 bata

Where can one get a Download on Windows 7 bata ?

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The only legit source that we can sanction here are releases from Microsoft. It has been distributed by Microsoft to some testers and also at conferences. Right now there are ways to get it online through the use of torrents, but these are not authorized copies. The evaluation builds are only good for 30 days right now and can be activated without a product key. There is no guarentee you will be able to upgrade to the final version upon its release. Release candidates can become available to you with a MSDN or TechNet subscription. You may also be lucky enough to qualify as a beta tester through Microsoft Connect when that becomes available. Any way you get it, I would strongly advise against using it on production computers. By this I mean any computer or workstation that has important information on it or any computer that you cannot afford to lose access to. I write this only because no matter how stable and secure you may think it is - it is not until its finished


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I have it and have been distributing it to friends and have had no bad reports whatsoever. The operating system is unmatched in comparison to other OS's in Alpha stage. It is so stable i use it more than i use vista now.

I have it...
I enjoy it,, I can notice some things that needs work...nothing major
the aero right now is a bit sluggish...I keep mine on original vista theme....or maybe somtimes classic...
things will be fixed & updates will make everything that seems bad....good
besides the aero. I think I've used about every feature win7 has to offer on 6801
had no problems installing.
runs as fast as XP & looks better then vista


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I will be using build 6801 later today. Will install it soon, I am making the jump from winxp to win7 so I am hoping for the best possible outcome even if it's in a beta stage. The only faulties that I know exsists in win7 is that it's not tuned to 100% like a retail OS.

There is nothing that doesn't work. Will run it in 64bit.


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Just got 6953, but I don't think I'm going to install it.
Word has it that Dec 18th the Beta is being given out ;)

I just installed 6953 on my laptop, and it is definitely faster, and more polished. Can't wait for the official beta to come out.

Well, installed build 6956, got a lot of truble, but now is running smooth, I haven't been able to install windows live, the rest works great. Can not be activated.

I just put it on my computer and it rocks, I have never seen video look like this. Windows 7 has put alot into the video and nothing on the market will come close

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Ihave had no problems at all. The only programs that won't work that I have ran is 3Dbenchmark Ventage and 3D06
I like the way the programs jump onto the screen when you run them , very fast loading, Like you are in controal of a fast race car hahahah
Keep up the good work Microsoft, you have a big winner here right out of the box!!!!!

I agree that build 6956 is awesome!! in many ways. :)

But I do have to say I read an article the other day and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. The guy writing the article spent the first page an a half putting Windows Vista down then used the remaining page and a quarter to praise 7. He went on about how great it was to finally move on from Vista. The wording though was halirious. He basically made it sound like 7 has absolutely nothing to do with Vista... which as we all know isn't true seeing as 7 is built off of the Vista kernel... for one thing. ;) I bookmarked the article so once I get home I'll post the link on here so all of you may enjoy a good laugh as well.

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