Windows 8 software installed in host OS


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May 19, 2012
Host OS : Win 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit.
Guest OS : Win 8.1 Preview installed in Vmare Player.

I have MS Office 2007 Home and Student installed in my host OS.
How do I access them in guest OS ?
Do I have to install into Win 8.1 ?
If yes, a silly ?

My MS Office 2007 is a retail version with installation DVD and product key.

Editing..... not that it will make any difference, but a fact I forgot to mention.
My Vmare Player is a 32-bit version with maximum disk size 60GB and 1 GB Memory.
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Any software to be used/seen in a VM has to be installed in the VM. You install and uninstall software as if it were a real live PC.....that's the beauty of it.

Since you're using Office 2007, you can install that on to 3 PC's, including any VM's setup. They count as a PC.
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Yes, software must be installed on the VM, it is a separate machine.

You can put the install disk in the host's dvd drive and the vm can access it from there as the dvd drive is a shared resource.
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