Windows 7 SOLVED - Suddenly lost my widgets :(


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I've happily had 2 widgets running in my Windows 7 for the past 3-4 years without any issue. Usually if either disappears I only need to reinstall it again to get it going. However, for some reason on a reboot today I've not only lost them both, but if I try to reinstall them I get an error msg about how "Desktop gadgets are managed by your System Administrator" and that to change them I need to do something about the Group Policy perhaps?

I possibly did knock something off somewhere along the way over the past day or two while trying to find the source of a daily alarm coming from my case, but have no idea what I may have deleted or stopped running.

I dearly want to get these functional again, so would appreciate anyone able to help me out on what I might have done & how to overcome the issue.

Thanks. :)
Fixed thankfully - appreciate the thought Joe but no - mine was something else that ended up taking me 4 hours. a lot of reboots, messing around in the Registry & doing things I never knew were available in Windows but ultimately something's finally worked and I'm a happy bunny once again :).