Some problems with Windows 7 Ultimate x64

About 3 weeks ago i did a clean install of windows 7 ultimate x64 over vista, and i have had several annoyances at times which never happened on vista.

The first problem is a bit weird and i don't know what could cause it. Basically what happens is i would put my laptop to sleep and when i wake up, i would hear it power up and the lights would come on but the screen would stay black for about 20 seconds. Then i would see the welcome screen but it would come up in a very laggy way, like you would see it appear in blocks. I would enter my password but you wouldn't see the characters appear until after 10 seconds or so, and the startup would take immensely long. The only way i would get around this is a forced shutdown by holding down my power button and a clean restart. So basically from today i just decided to use hibernate instead of sleep to get around this temporarily, its very annoying. Oh and this just happens randomly, most of the time putting my laptop to sleep and wakeup is normal.

My other problem is simply a minor annoyance. Windows explorer would randomly stop working and restart sometimes, it restarts very quickly actually so its not too much of a bother but it usually happens when i open or close windows too fast.

If someone could help me with the first one, i would appreciate it.
Oh if you need the model of the laptop, its a Toshiba satellite A300.

I have several troubleshooting suggestions at the link in my tagline. Maybe you have an error report .. driver problems or something.

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