Some users have problem doing rdp connection to windows 2019 server


New Member
Aug 22, 2022
I have a windows 2019 server and i want some ad users to be able to connect to the system through their windows 10 boxes with rdp. So i added these users as rdp group members at the 2019 box. Some users which are defined there , especially after changing their AD password starts to unable to loging with rdp to the windows 2019 server, their password is not accepted. But they can login to their local windows 10 box with their new password. What can be the problem and the resolution?


I would start by digging into the RDP connection manager logs in the server, but I would suspect NLA is enabled and might be having issues communication to the DC. If the passwords have been reset on say the DC side (with change password on next loggon) or expired NLA will prevent a user from logging in due to the expire status or change password status. It's a chicken and egg problem.