Somewhat off topic but think 7 caused my issue? Wont boot from CD

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    So i tired to boot from a cd and my computer no longer will boot from a cd. It has worked flawless for several years. I have no idea why as my drive is fully functional and ive tried 3 different bootable disks that I am positive work as I have used them all several times. I have noticed that my dvd-rom drive is now labeled as my D: drive and my CD-rom as my Z: drive when in Windows. I cannot recall what they used to be labeled but I believe this is different then what it used to be. And yes, I have the BIOS set to boot from CD and even tried disabling boot from hdd and still no luck. Any ideas to how i can get this working again as i use this feature rather often? Thanks.

    EDIT: It for some reason works when i plug in a ps2 keyboard instead of a usb keyboard. Thanks for the fast response.
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    Windows or any other OS will not do that.

    Check your bios settings again. If all else fails, pull the cmos battery out of the motherboard and replace it after a few moments. Look in the bios and try again.

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