Windows 7 Sound input does not work


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I installed the latest RC7 today and have almost everything working. I also installed the latest realtek HD audio drivers. The output is working OK, but I can not use the input. Neither the pink or the blue jack respond to any input.

Can anybody help me ?
Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

It sounds like you both need to uninstall the Realtek Drivers.. ;) If your audio was working fine until you installed those then that SHOULD do the trick.. :)
I had not made any changes to the drivers when the problems started, but I did finally solve the problem, found a codec compatible with windows 7 on the Realtek site. Follow that link, click accept to the terms then dl and install the top one. it was a bit of a pain to install windows would keep asking me to allow ever 5 seconds but just keep clicking allow (seems like there's no yes to all feature).
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