Sound Menu won't open

I have been having troubles with the sound menu recently. I am running a stereo with an optical cable and a HDMI output. Both of them work. However I can not easily switch between them like I used to be able to. I have the most up to date driver from Realtek (Nov 5, 09).
When I select the sound menu from the control panel nothing happens. I have to go into volume control to change my devices and it doesn't always work.
I hope this is enough information. If not please tell me if I need to provide any other info.


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A snapshot of your playback devices might help. Right click on the speaker icon and select playback devices. I do not have an HDMI output, but it seems you would need to select either SPDIF or Speakers/HP, unless you have another device.

Where does you HDMI sound come from, is that just another output from the on board audio?

Wish I could take a snap shot, but the playback devices menu won't even open, thats the problem. When I get home later I will open up the sound menu and take a snap shot of the devices. As far as i can remember, the HDMI output is based on the ATI HD Audio Driver and the Stereo output is the regular Realtek HD Audio Output.

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