Sound & Music problem

I have problem with my win7 64b, in first 5-6days everything was ok, until now.
When i want to listen to some music i can't all my music players (winamp, windows media player) don't play music (they see a song but just dont play).
There is no any error or somethng just dont want to start play. I reinstal players, windows, driver to my soundcard, instal new kodek and nothing. In the same time my i cant wach movies. After 3 sec of normal watching they start to slow down.

Sry for my english ^^'


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Great response Drew.

I'd like to add, we need the exact make and model of your sound card.

Truthfully, I would scrap Windows Media Player from the list, but if yiy use it for watvhing DVD's ,that's fine.

Thhe best player I've found for playing musuic and video files is called KMPayer.

You can download it here:

You also want to install the K-Lite Codec pack here:

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My sound card is sound blaster audigy 5,1.
Id, have desktop not laptop.
Nothning system sound no microfone, no nothing ^^', and yes in 1 week everything works perfect. Now only youtube films work ok, rest no : (,

Procesor: e4600
memory 2x1gb 800mhz
graphic: gf 8800gtx
sound card: sound blaster audigy 5,1, and integrated realtek hd sound.

if you need something more just say :)

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The problem is solved... My sound card was not inserted properly. My brother when plug in earphones must plu in to hard... Sory for any problems and thx for trying to help.

Sory for spam i can't find delete post button ;)

sound card error

i have win 7 x86. I had a integrated sound card on my motherboard which i ruined. So i bought a creative sound card.When i inserted it and turned on my computer, after entering in windows gave me a fatal eror(blue screen). I tried another sound card and it's doing the same. What is wrong?the original sound card is burned and the windows doesn't recognize it.Can be a conflict between the sound cards or what?


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What do you mean be "ruined"?

Trying going to Device Manager, click on Sound, Video and game controllers, and disable the sound card you ruined.

by ruined i mean that a more powerfull electric current entered through my computer and burned it. In device managar doesn't appear anymore because it's burned and the sistem doesn't see it anymore. Only the new sound card appears.


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You might have done more damage than just the sound card. I'd open up the case and look for any burn marks or disconnected wires on the motherboard.

i'll try.but it's doing this only with the new sound card inserted.without it everything works just fine.


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When you installed the new sound card, didn't Windows offer a driver for it?

Did a CD come with the card. If it has Vista drivers on it, they may work.

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