Sound record issue i have after updating,echoes when listen to Realtech sound as well!!


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I have a laptop Compaq CQ58 I3 with 3110M CPU 2,40ghz. 4GB memory Ram and 64Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and operating system was doing fine until did the update of windows sound drive system thing. I used to record from my screen the songs and videos and all. I noticed that i can still record videos but with no sound. I even noticed that if my mic is into listen to, it makes a hell echos and have to un check the listen to it to stop the echo. How can i use the mic with no echo and i tried uninstalling the "High definition Audio " and even that didn't helped with it. I even had to uninstall and do the "realtek audio" driver as well. It just pulled back both of them when restart and had same issue with no record and echos while "listen to" "Realtek" and can't do the record anything :(. How can i fix the record as well the echos as i was doing OK with the old sound and could do the record and no more issues earlier :(. Thanks for advance for whoever will reply and wish i will find a solution soon.



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I'm late here, but
1. The problem will probably get fixed by a new Windows update - may sound silly...
2. Restore your system to an earlier point, before problems occured


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you need to update your window in order get the problem solved !
Thanks for the reply and i did fixed the issue as it was the display of the mic and not updates or anything. I did made the mic open when need talking with someone and mute it when don't need. It started to record through mic as well so when i put the head set all can be recorded. Wish you all had a great weekend and take care there.