Sound Schemes in Windows 7


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Windows 7 seems to come with some pretty cool sound schemes. Here is a chance to find out which one is the most popular. I personally am starting to like "Sonata", but I haven't tried them all. The quirky sounds of Sonata are interesting to my ears, and while I love the "United States" theme that comes with Windows 7, I cannot stand the twangy noises that sound scheme comes with. Has anyone else noticed this, and what is your favorite sound scheme? Or are you one of those people that just sets it to "No Sound" :)

No Sounds, hate em. dung ding, ching. lol.

I agree Mike, the sound schemes in Windows 7 are a welcome change from those in previous Windows OS's.. ;) I haven't tried "Sonata" yet.. I'll have to give it a listen.. :)


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yes mike, sound scheme is a welcome move or change in Windows 7. I personally like to enable sound for all clicks i do..have tried all the schemes..currently using Cityscape. some gud ones are, Afternoon Calligraphy Raga Garden Festival


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Sonata. I've never had a sound scheme before Sonata. =]

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