Speaker Vol. Issues w/ Polk Audios


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Recently I Purchased a new computer with Vista that did not come with speakers. I had the idea of using the ones from my previous computer. They are just a basic set of polk audios without a separate power supply. I have them plugged into the correct place for sure and all volume settings are on max, yet I get bearly any sound. I have to put them right up to my ear to hear anything. Other speakers work, just not the polk audios. I plugged the polk audios into a different source besides my computer and they work fine.. its just when i try to use them for my computer speakers, which is what they originally were for. I have looked for new drivers, rolled back and tried many other things but none of them seem to work. Any Suggestions?


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Try a different jack. My speakers sound like that if I plug them into the wrong jack by mistake... You never know these 'Polks' may want to be pluged into something else.